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Product Guide: A Detoxifying Bath

Detoxify and relax your body and mind with Spa Reflections Restorative Bath salts or Lavender Naturals Bath Salts

If you feel tired lately and your body and mind crave for a rest, it could be because of everyday stress and the large amount of toxins from certain foods and chemicals accumulated in your body.
One of the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce the toxin load in your body and soothe your mind is with a refreshing tonic bath.

Steps to a relaxing and detoxifying bath.

All you need is ¼ cup of Spa Reflections Restorative Bath Salts or Lavender Naturals Bath Salts that you will add to the warm running bath water. Allow yourself a good 20 minutes of soaking time to unwind. Prop your head on a bath pillow, close you eyes and visualise what is positive to you.
At the end of 20 minutes wrap yourself in a large bath towel and lay down 15 minutes on your bed, well covered to stay warm.

If you feel the need to moisturise your skin, use a body cream in the same scent as the Bath Salts to prolong the aroma therapy effect of the essential oils. You can choose Spa Reflections Smoothing Body Soufflé or Lavender Naturals Body Cream. If you wish to treat your skin with a cream that helps reinforce elasticity and even out skin tone, you can choose the Spa Reflections Firming Body Cream.

About Spa Reflections Restorative Bath salts or Lavender Naturals Bath Salts.

The blend of Dead Sea salts and sea salts in Spa Reflections Restorative Bath salts and Lavender Naturals Bath Salts is rich in mineral content. The blend includes Magnesium (known to increase the skin’s vitality), Potassium (known to help improve the flow of nutrients through the skin), Calcium (known to have a calming effect on the skin) and Bromide (a natural antiseptic). The results will be what you would expect from a spa treatment – relaxed muscles, lustrous skin and a regain of energy and mental clarity.

Both Bath Salts suggested have aromatherapy benefits. If you select Spa Reflections Restorative Bath Salts you will feel refreshed and re-energized since they contain a blend of four essential oils of orange, peppermint, spearmint and rosemary. Lavender Naturals Bath Salts will calm you with its blend of 10 essential oils including lavender, lavandin, patchouli, geranium, vetivert, coriander, frankincense, bergamot, benzoin and labdanum.

Just a few words of advice.

  • Take your bath before going to bed. It will relax you and help improve the quality of your sleep.
  • It is advisable to remove your nail enamel before soaking in a bath. Nail enamels contain toxic chemicals so soaking your bare nails will help restore them.
  • To preserve you muscle tone, skin elasticity and prevent your heart from over working, you should avoid extremely hot baths. Hot baths with temperatures above 101 degrees Faraheit put a strain on the heart as it works harder to dilate blood vessels in order to cool the body. Hot baths also reduce muscle tone and have a drying effect on the skin.