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Giving your small baby a healthy bath.

Bath time is a great opportunity to play with your child. It’s a good idea to provide a toy for bath time, such as a floating rubber duck. Make everything gentle and fun to help your baby discover the sense of touch and sensation while taking a bath.

Make sure you have everything you need at hand before you start giving baby his bath. It is a good idea to leave baby in his crib or his seat while your are setting up and gathering everything you need for his bath.

What you should prepare for bath time:

  • A small bath tub for baby
  • A bath support that fits in the bath tub or a baby rubber pad to put on the bottom of the tub
  • One or two non-breakable pitchers filled with warm water for rinsing baby off
  • Belcam Bath Therapy Healthy Choice Gentle Baby Wash available in 3 hypoallergenic fragrances; Smiling Chamomile, Lullabye Lavender and Sweet Pea. This Baby Wash mildly cleanses from head to toe. Its delicate foam will not sting the eyes and it easily rinses out of the hair and body.
  • Two soft wash cloths. It is a good idea to place the extra one on his stomach to keep him warm.
  • A soft baby towel, opened up and ready to use. It is best if the bathtub is next to a table where you can take baby out of the bath and lay him on the open towel.
  • A bath time toy
  • A tray of toiletries ( diaper cream, sweet almond oil or a hypoallergenic skin lotion formulated with natural ingredients etc.)
  • A clean diaper and clothes

Two things you should remember when giving baby a bath are:

  • Do not leave baby unattended in the bath tub – even for a moment.
  • Never add hot water when baby is in the tub.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fill the bathtub with 2 inches of warm water. Insert the bath support.
    Place baby on the bath support in the tub. Place a warm wash cloth over his belly to prevent him from getting cold.
  2. If old enough, give your baby a toy for the bath. That way your baby can play while you give a nice warm bath.
  3. Keep a hand on baby while you moisten a soft wash cloth and add a dime size quantity of Belcam Bath Therapy Gentle Baby Wash. Work cloth into a mild foam.
  4. Using the “soapy” wash cloth, start by gently massaging baby’s hair and behind the ears. Then thoroughly massage areas like hands, feet, face, neck, arm pits, genitals and skin with diaper rash, if any.
  5. Next, while keeping one hand on baby, take the pitcher with clean water and gently pour on baby’s hair,. Try not to get too much run off on his face not to scare him. Then continue pouring water over his entire body to rinse off all the suds. Rinsing baby like this will get him use to water on his face in a gentle way and will make it easier for him to adapt to the family bath tub or swimming pool.
  6. Take baby out of the tub and lay him onto a towel. Massage baby dry making sure he is well dried behind the ears, under his arms, between his toes and around his genitals.
  7. If you wish to continue the contact with your child, give him a gentle massage with natural sweet almond oil. Apply a bit of diaper cream and proceed to dress him.