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Get soft, smooth feet... NOW!

Feet have a tough job and, unless yours are genetically perfect with impeccably pedicured toes, they’re probably not getting much glory.  So for those who were not born with soft, smooth and perfectly shaped feet, here are a few tips for getting them noticed… in a good way!

Let’s assume that your toenails are properly trimmed, shaped and looking their best but you’re still plagued by rough, dry and callused feet.  You don’t have time to perform a perfect pedicure and you need some help, FAST.  Following are the 2 tools you’ll need to get your feet sandal ready in 10 minutes or less.  Honest.

First, you’ll need the Denco Easy Grip Heavy Duty Foot Smoother.  This is truly a miracle product – and we’ve designed it ourselves to make sure it performs better than any other smoother on the market.  The front features a Coarse grit to smooth the thickest of calluses and severely cracked heels.  The back features a Medium grit to finish and polish the skin.  You don’t need to soak your feet or even use water with the smoother.  Just find a place to sit and put a towel under your feet to catch all the sloughed-off calluses.  The comfortable, angled design makes it easy to reach every part of your foot.

Using the Coarse side, gently rub the smoother over your calluses using a back and forth motion.  You will see results right away. Flip the smoother over and use the Medium side to make the skin extra soft and smooth. When you’re finished, quickly wipe your feet with a damp cloth to remove any filing dust and apply our Denco Naturals Hydrating Foot Balm.  This all natural, vegan formula penetrates deeply to deliver and lock in moisture.  The non-greasy balm absorbs quickly and provides a soft, luxurious feeling.

So whether you need to make a good impression but you’re pressed for time, or you just want instant gratification, using these two products will give you the results you need!