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Dry hands, hangnails or ragged cuticles

Step 1

Soak & Push Back Cuticles: Soak your hands in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes to clean and soften cuticles and hangnails. Dry your hands, then, using a Cuticle Pusher or a Manicure Stone, gently push back the excess cuticles that are growing on the nail plate.

Step 2

Trim: Choose a cuticle cutting tool that is most comfortable for you. Whether you want a Cuticle Nipper, Cuticle Scissors or even Scissor-style Cuticle Nippers, you will find the perfect tool in our shop. Click an image below to see the product details and pricing for each style. Once you have your tool, cut the excess cuticle that you’ve pushed back. Also trim any hangnails and extra skin around the nails, being careful not to cut live, healthy skin.

Step 3

Condition & Moisturize: Now it’s time to put some moisture back into into your nail and cuticle area, and lock it in. Use a cuticle cream, like our Denco Naturals, and rub a small amount into each finger, around the cuticle and nail area. Keeping your cuticles moisturized will help to prevent hangnails and will give your cuticles a healthy, well-manicured look!