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Dry cracked skin : 4 steps to softer feet

Problem: What is the best way to care for dry sensitive skin?
Solution: Mild Cleansers and frequent use of moisturizers.

It’s the end of your day and as you remove your shoes you are once again met with dry cracked feet. They not only feel scaly and painful, but they also look like you’ve been walking on razor blades! No matter how rough and callous your feet currently are, this does not have to be the fate of your feet forever. There are steps you can follow to learn how to heal your dry cracked feet and prevent them from drying out in the future.


The first step is to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.
This can be achieved in 2 to 3 weeks with the following daily regimen.

Wash or soak your feet daily in lukewarm water and a mild soap to remove bacteria from perspiration. Never go to bed without washing your feet.

Always massage your feet with a special exfoliating cream formulated with natural essential oils and exfoliants that will condition and acepticize the skin. Spa Reflections Refining Foot Scrub is a good choice.

Finish your daily routine by massaging with emollient creams specially formulated for the feet. Spa Reflections Refreshing Foot Cream is great for all over dryness. For areas that have extreme dryness and cracked skin such as the heels, complement with a richer cream such as the Spa Reflections Soothing Heel Balm.
The last step in your daily routine requires you to put on clean, white cotton socks. The cotton helps to whisk away moisture while the colorless material prevents any dyes from irritating the skin. Many people choose to put their socks on at bedtime and wear them overnight
If you faithfully do the above steps for 2 or 3 weeks, you will see major improvement in skin suppleness.


Do not stop.  Just as you care for your face, continue to wash and moisturize your feet daily. It is the best way to eliminate dryness and the many problems caused by bacterial growth.

Spa Reflections Refining Foot Scrub
Use to exfoliate, deodorise and soften skin.

Spa Reflections Refreshing Foot Cream
Use to nourish and soften dry or cracked skin.

Spa Reflections Soothing Heel Balm
Use to soothe extremely dry, rough, cracked skin especially on heels.