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Denco Evolution Philosophy




        The Evolution of Grooming

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

As our population ages and our medical technology increases, we are living longer with age-related and chronic diseases.  This has raised interest in Universal Design: products designed to be used by people of all ages and abilities.  

Remember those old, metal kitchen tools?
Yeah, we do too. Not many years ago, every kitchen had a hand-held, metal vegetable peeler.  It worked pretty well but was slippery, uncomfortable and definitely not a pleasure to use.  And, let’s be honest, it was a pretty cheap and ugly looking.

Of course, you could get one of those snazzy, counter-mounted peelers but they were expensive, cumbersome, hard to store and not very attractive.  And let’s not forget the As Seen On TV peeling options, like the gloves and rotary peelers that seemed too good to be true for the price… and often were.

Thankfully, kitchen tools have gone through a revolution and we now have endless options that perform better and feature comfortable, non-slip grips.  They’re a joy to use, easy to store and are pretty nice to look at too.  All of this is thanks to Universal Design!
Inspired by the Universal Design Principles, Denco is revolutionizing the grooming tool category with our Evolution line of products.  
Many of us have been looking for more powerful, more comfortable grooming products at affordable prices, but no one has addressed these needs until now.  In the past, if we wanted these types of products, we had to buy specialized, premium priced tools from home health retailers.  In some cases, we were forced to rely on a spouse, family member or even a doctor or nurse for our personal care.  

Evolution has now made it possible for people of all ages and abilities to groom themselves, in style and comfort, at affordable prices.  
This product line was designed to work for everyone, even those of us with Arthritis or other manual dexterity limitations like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or neuropathy from Diabetes.  However, this isn’t a specialty line of ugly, cumbersome, expensive products.  It’s a stylish, inexpensive and high performing line that provides better results and more comfort than any other grooming tools available in the mass market and drug store segments.

Something for everyone.
Whether you want to keep your independence or just upgrade your grooming tools, Evolution is a perfect fit.  A real improvement from the standard, metal tools that everyone has used forever but not an expensive, bulky solution.  The kitchen tool revolution has now come to the bathroom with our new personal care tools.  And we think it’s about time!


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