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Bushy, wild or overgrown eyebrows

Shape & Trim Bushy Eyebrows: Grooming your eyebrows is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to open up your face and give you a put-together look. Bushy eyebrows can make you look unkempt or even angry or unfriendly. Luckily, turning eyebrows from bushy to beautiful is very simple. Find a pair of Tweezers that you like, with a tip that you feel comfortable using. Most people prefer a versatile Slant Tip for eyebrows…

Others like a flat-edged Square Tip or Claw Tip or a Round Tip…

And still others prefer a Point Tip for extra precision….

Once you have your tweezers, isolate each hair that you would like to remove, grasp it firmly at the skin line and pull it out in the direction of the hair growth. Focus on stray hair between the eyebrows (above the bridge of the nose) and under the eyebrows (between the main brow and the eyelid).

If you’re nervous about tweezing, you can also use a mini razor to remove stray hair, particularly between the eyebrows.

Once you’ve removed the strays, comb eyebrows upward and trim any extra-long hair with some eyebrow scissors, so that the hair is even with the top of your eyebrow, but does not extend onto your forehead.