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Keychain Magnifier with LED

Denco's Keychain Magnifier with LED illuminates small print to make it easy to read, anywhere and any time.

Country of Origin / Manufacture : China
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Keychain Magnifier with LED

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If you struggle with reading small print, particularly in dim lighting, this tool is perfect for you.  Powerful magnification and a bright LED light make even tiny print in dark rooms easy to see.  The small size is perfect to carry anywhere and assits you, discretely.

Simply swing the magnifier from its case, automatically turning on the powerful LED light.  Move the magnifier closer to the area that you'd like to read.  The light will illuminate the area while the lens magnifies.  When you're finished, swing the magnifier back into the closed position.  The light will automatically shut off to prolong battery life.

The lens is made of impact resistant, optical quality plastic to prevent breakage.  Always store the magnifier in a closed position to protect the lens from scratches.  You may replace worn batteries to keep the LED working for the life of the product.  The battery cover is located on the back of the product (LED side) and can be removed with a small screwdriver.

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