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Denco Evolution Foot Smoother

  • Large, multi-directional, stainless steel surface quickly, and gently, reduces tough calluses.
  • Fine grit emery pad on the back smoothes and polishes the skin.
  • Removable “catcher” traps filings for cleanliness.
  • Ergonomic shape and non-slip grip for safety and comfort.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
If you're a fan of metal foot smoothers but find it hard to hold some of them, or difficult to reach parts of your feet with them, then you owe it to yourself to get the Evolution Foot Smoother.  You'll love the way this smoother's large surface makes quick work of tough calluses.  The multi-directional holes mean that you can smooth in any direction: up and down, side to side or even in gentle circles.  
The stainless steel surface can be used wet or dry for maximum convenience and the smoother even has a fine emery grit on the back to polish off any rough spots, for a soft finish.  The handy catcher snaps on and off easily so you can trap all the smoothed-off calluses and dump them in the trash when you're finished.  
Best of all, you'll appreciate the large, angled handle because it will help you to reach all the parts of your feet without twisting and bending.  It is rounded, comfortable, and non-slip so you'll have a great grip and it also features a hole in the handle so you can hang it in the shower.  
The Evolution Foot Smoother will give you all the effective, gentle smoothing of a metal surface with the comfort and convenience of a cushioned handle.  What a winning combination!
Country of Origin / Manufacture : China
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Denco Evolution Foot Smoother

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More about this product

If you have thick, rough calluses and are looking for a quick, safe and comfortable way to smooth them, you'll love this foot smoother. The multi-directional, metal surface lets you smooth up and down, side to side or in a circular motion. A handy catcher traps all your callus shavings, while an emery grit smoothes and polishes any rough patches.

This smoother can be used with water or without.

To use it wet, soak your feet in warm, soapy water and gently scrub any callused areas with the metal side of the foot smoother. When your calluses are reduced, scrub your heels and the soles of your feet with the emery side. To use the smoother without water, place a towel under your feet and use the metal side to reduce calluses. Remove the catcher from the back of the smoother and dump any shavings in the garbage. Snap the catcher back in place and use the emery portion to give your feet a final smoothing and buffing. For best results, wipe feet with a towel and massage Denco Naturals Rejuvenating Foot Balm into each foot. Remember that your feet need some callusing for protection, so your goal is to smooth the callus, not eliminate it.

CAUTION: Please do not use this, or any, foot smoother if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation.

Your foot smoother can be washed and scrubbed with a nail brush to remove debris. Be sure to empty the catcher of shavings and wash/rinse all parts of the smoother after use. Allow the parts to air dry, then reassemble the smoother and store it in a drawer or hang it in the shower.

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