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Corn Plane Blades - 20 ct

Denco’s 3910 Corn Plane Blades are made in Solingen, Germany. The long-lasting, double-sided blades fit all corn planes, and are available in a convenient package of 20. Use with our 3911 Corn Plane.

Country of Origin / Manufacture : Germany
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Corn Plane Blades - 20 ct Item #: 3910

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Corn Plane Blades - 20 ct

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More about this product

If you use a corn plane and your blade is getting dull, this package of 20 is an economical choice. The blades fit all standard corn planes so, even if you have another brand (shame on you!), the Denco refills will fit.


1. Place your corn plane on a sturdy, flat surface, face up with the handle pointing toward you.

2. Hold the sides of the blade holder firmly.

3. While holding, use your other hand to press down on the corn plane handle. Holding down the handle will disengage the locking prong from the blade holder.

4. Keeping the lock disengaged and still holding the edges of the blade holder firmly, push the corn plane handle away from you to remove the holder and access the blade.

5. Carefully remove and discard the old blade and replace it with a new one from your pack.

6. Reassemble by placing the corn plane over the (firmly held) blade holder, pressing down on the handle and sliding it toward you to reengage the locking prong.

Your corn plane blades should be stored in their original box until they are ready to use. Because both the top and the bottom of the blades are extremely sharp, it is important to only grasp the blade, carefully, by the sides. Each blade inside the box is covered by a wax paper sleeve. When replacing the blade, we suggest saving this sleeve and placing the used blade in it before disposal.

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