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4" Round Magnifier - 2.5x magnification

Denco's 4" Round Magnifier provides 2.5x magnification to make improve detail in crafts and hobbies, as well as make small print more readable.

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4" Round Magnifier - 2.5x magnification

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If you enjoy reading, crafting or hobbies that require fine detail, you'll appreciate this magnifying glass.  The 4" round lens is generously sized to magnify a large area by 2.5x, bringing even tiny details into focus.  The high quality, optical glass lens provides excellent clarity without distortion.

Move the lens toward the desired area until the print or detail comes into focus and is magnified and easier to see. 

The magnifying lens is made of high quality, optical glass to provide excellent clarity without distortion.  Avoid scratching or chipping the lens during use or storage as this will affect the function.  You may clean the lens with glass cleaner and a soft cloth to remove dirt or fingerprints.  Treat the product with care to protect the glass.

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